Day 5 Iris Reviews: In Between, We Love Moses, The Mess He Made

Suri Mukherjee reviews some of the films screened on the 5th day of the festival aka Super Saturday. It is the last of the Iris Reviews.


And the Oscar Goes to…Anyone Who Can Say My Name

There is a clip on Youtube from Jimmy Kimmel Live titled, ‘Mahershala Ali Reveals Real Name.’ Can you believe that Ali’s real name is even longer? Yes, that’s what the entire video is about. Kimmel dissects his name in every way possible for a laugh. And laughs he gets. It should come as no surprise…

LGBT+ Rights in Jordan

How LGBT+ people are persecuted in an Arab country where same-sex relations are legal.  A century ago, British army officer T.E. Lawrence devised an incredible plan. He would lead an army of Arabs across Jordan’s crimson desert to its coastal town. All to charge an attack against the ruling Ottoman Empire. The extraordinary feat made…