Palestinian Solidarity Campaign Protest in Bristol

The Palestinian Solidarity Campaign held a protest in Bristol. They say there has been a recent rise in violence against Palestinians by Israeli settlers and authorities.

The protest is one of many organised regularly by the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign. They say their cause is the continuing occupation of Palestinian land by Israel.

One of the protesters Helen had recently been to the occupied West Bank. She says that she and other volunteers were attacked there by Israeli settlers. They went with ‘Protective Presence’ under the Olive Harvest Trust. She says that they were surrounded by masked Israeli settlers when olive-picking with a Palestinian farmer.


A protestor takes the mic. Chair Ed Hill in background.

Helen refused to provide her surname as she is worried that Israeli authorities will not let her back into Palestine because of her account. She mentions the name of her fellow volunteer David Amos. There is an article by the Independent of him in the attack.

The Israel Embassy in London has issued a statement listing attacks on Israeli citizens by Palestinians since mid-september. They called it a “Wave of Terror”.


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