Bisexuality* Progress Through History

Quench are going to be looking at some of the life-changing progress that has been made in the different areas of LGBT+ throughout history. From the new same-sex marriage bill to influential role models – we celebrate just how much has been done for the cause

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Bi* (part of a longer article)

Written by: Quench’s LGBT+ Editor Suryatapa Mukherjee

Progress in Section: Bisexuality was first officially recognised in academia when Alfred Kinsey created the Kinsey scale. The scale established that homosexuality and heterosexuality were only two extremes on a spectrum of sexual orientations. In spite of that, bisexuality as a sexual orientation has had some difficulty being accepted as a reality. Female bisexuality was still accepted as real before male bisexuality was. As recent as the early 2000s a number of studies were conducted to prove that male bisexuality in fact didn’t exist. Bisexuality is increasingly understood as a reality even if its concept may not be clear to all. We have a growing number of celebrities shedding the closet and coming out as bisexual without giving a damn. The most recent and popular example of this would be…yes, Tom Daley. Sexual orientations like pansexuality and polysexuality may still be incomprehensible for some outside the LGBT+ community, especially if such people have not yet discovered the fallacy of the gender binary. Thus, these orientations are not as well known as bisexuality yet; but they have taken roots in our lexicon and are here to stay. People are learning about them everyday, and Google can testify to that.

Inspirational People: Laci Green is a part-time sex educator on YouTube and a full-time pansexual. There is no limit to how much one can learn from her, whether about sex and sexuality, or about being a decent human being. Basically, I worship her and you should too. Look her up. Now.

Progress I’d Like to See: There are still many who question bisexuality and others within its umbrella. Bi-erasure is quite prevalent in the media where bisexuality is not recognised. Much like when several news outlets decided to brand Tom Daley gay even though he clearly came out as bisexual. Biphobia is experienced both within and outside of the LGBT+ community. As several studies have discovered, this double discrimination has led to a higher risk of mental health problems among bisexuals. Bisexuals are also less likely come out than homosexuals. It is ironic that homosexuals who happen to be biphobic, often echo the homophobia that they had been (and sometimes still are) subjected to, with notions that bisexuals are promiscuous and the carriers of STIs and STDs.


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